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The Way to Store Your Belongings in Oklahoma City June 24, 2008

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Instead of storing your furniture and items in a public self storage, at All My Sons Moving and Storage we do things a little different. First we start at the residence by inventorying all items. This lets us and the customer know exactly what items, quantity, and actual condition of the shipment. We then blanket pad wrap all furniture. After loading the shipment on board our truck, we unload at our facility. Each item is then loaded into  a sealed storage vault. Each item that is loaded into a vault is labeled on a “Bingo Sheet” to properly identify that a specific item is in a specific vault. Once each vault is completely loaded (heavy base pieces on bottom, middle items in the middle and light items on top) they are sealed and labeled. The vaults are stored in a weather controlled environment until such time that the customer desires for them to be delivered.

A few advantages for storing items this way: 1) they remain blanket padded throughout the process, 2) each item is stored in sealed vaults (protection from weather and being lost) and 3) each item is properly identified and inventoried to protect the customer and your Oklahoma mover.

When you’re ready for your belongings, give us a call and we’ll schedule time to bring your belongings to you. Not only do we deliver it, but we will also place everything where you want.



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